2017 North State Giving Tuesday Community Report

Community Disaster Relief Fund

In response to the September 2014 Boles Fire in Weed, CA, the Community Foundation established the Community Disaster Relief Fund. The fund was started with a gift from the Stewardship Endowment Fund and provided assistance to the families, nonprofits and organizations impacted by the Boles Fire in Weed.  

Because the Community Foundation has a credible history of helping Siskiyou County nonprofits and organizations, monetary assistance was delivered efficiently and effectively toward the recovery of the community of Weed in a process developed by the local Weed Long Term Recovery Group. As of September 2017, three years after the fire, all funds had been disbursed as recommended by the local Long Term Recovery Group grant review committee.

With respect to the other fires and natural disasters that may affect Shasta and Siskiyou counties, the fund will remain in place in order to provide future assistance tied to a specific event, should the need arise.

Thank you donors!

How was the money used?
  • The Community Foundation worked with nonprofit and government stakeholders to ensure that funds flowed quickly to those most in need and established safeguards to secure proper distribution of the funds.  This was a two-step process:
    1. Short-term support: funds for immediate relief were distributed to food, shelter, animal, health, and/or to large scale relief agencies to provide such support.

    2. Long-term support: funds for long-term relief were distributed towards rebuilding and recovery efforts to reestablish residency or for relocation. In addition, most community assets were restored in large part due to collaborative efforts cultivated by the Weed Long Term Recovery Group.

What about fees?

  • 100% of donated funds for the Boles Fire went directly to provide assistance and fund recovery efforts as the Community Foundation decided to make an exception for this fund regarding all contributions for the Boles Fire and did not assess any administrative fees.   

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