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Supporting the future of visual arts in Northern California


As a child, Susan Emmerson was inspired by the watercolor paintings masterfully created by her great-grandfather. In college, Susan remembers walking through the halls, peering into art classes, and dreaming about a career in visual arts instead of nursing. She has experienced the best of both worlds, having had her career as an RN and teaching art as a community volunteer in local schools. In 2003, Susan and her husband George founded the Community Arts Endowment Fund to support the future of visual arts in the area. In a letter to Shasta Regional Community Foundation, she wrote, “Our hope is to symbolize, memorialize, document and define, through the voice of visual and public art, a message of and about our community.” For Susan, public art is not just a decoration, it is a statement about what a community values, where it has been and where it is going. As a founding board member for the Community Foundation, she believed that a field of interest endowment fund was an excellent way to make such an impact. While the fund is currently growing, it will soon be used to support public art such as murals, sculpture and other graphic art forms displayed in Shasta County.

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