Involved Community Leaders

Shasta Regional Community Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of directors who are committed community leaders from Shasta, Siskiyou and Tehama counties. They bring to the board their diverse expertise in finance, property management, investment, law, public relations, personal and professional networks and a deep compassion for improving our communities.

Jon Halfhide

Jon Halfhide, Chair

Retired Healthcare Executive

Ryan Denham

Ryan Denham, Vice Chair

SJ Denham Automotive Dealer

Patricia Bergman

Patricia Bergman, Treasurer


Joan Favero

Joan Favero, Secretary

Retired Pharmacist, Businesswoman

Mark Clure

Mark Clure, Member

Certified Financial Planner

Bill Cornelius

Bill Cornelius, Member

Retired Businessman

Cheryl Forbes

Cheryl Forbes, Member

Attorney at Law

Dan Ghidinelli

Dan Ghidinelli, Member

Retired Certified Public Accountant

Sue Lang

Sue Lang, Member

Community Volunteer

Jake Mangas

Jake Mangas, Member

Redding Chamber of Commerce

Brian Meek

Brian Meek, Member

Retired Yreka City Manager

Susie Reeder

Susie Reeder, Member

Business Professional

Brian Seamans

Brian Seamans, Member

Insurance Broker

Terry Taforo

Terry Taforo, Member

Attorney at Law

Forrest Wilder

Forrest Wilder, Member

Financial Advisor, U.S. Bancorp Investments



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