100 Miles of Trails Association Special Project Fund


The 100 Miles of Trails Association Special Project Fund is established to benefit and support trail development efforts of the Mt. Shasta Trail Association and its partner organizations through grants made to deserving and qualified nonprofit entities. The Fund may include property received from community donors for inclusion in the Fund.

The vision for the 100 Miles of Trails Association Special Project Fund is to transform the Mount Shasta area into a world-class trails destination. The mission of the Mt. Shasta Trails Association is to provide inspiring trail experiences, appreciation of the Mt. Shasta area and advocate environmentally sound stewardship by creating, maintaining, protecting and using trails in the Mt. Shasta area.

According to the organization's president, “In our stressed-out and overburdened lives, trails are a great means for us to appreciate the natural environment, experience the excitement of stunning views, challenge ourselves with physical activity, and reconnect with the essence of our inner selves. By using or working on a trail, you know you've exerted yourself and achieved something real and lasting.  To facilitate these benefits of trails, our goal is to create a sustainable network surrounding and connecting our communities.”



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