First 5 Shasta Children and Families Fund


Your contribution to this Children and Families Fund makes you an important partner in First 5 Shasta’s work toward building and strengthening a pathway to success for young children.

This investment supports good health, optimal child development, quality child care and invaluable early education that is crucial to a child’s ability to enter school eager and capable of learning. The fund was established specifically to assist First 5 Shasta’s efforts to ensure that our children grow into successful, productive adults who will be part of a thriving Shasta County. Your donation benefits these young children today and our entire community for generations to come.

First 5 Shasta was established following the 1998 passage of Proposition 10, the California Children and Families Act, which placed a 50-cent tax on tobacco products to fund early childhood health and development programs and services, parent education, and other systems improvements that ultimately benefit children ages 0-to-5.



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