NorCal Baseball Legacy Fund

NorCal Baseball – 25 years and counting

Why we do this…

When Tony Crivello and I started NorCal Baseball in 1992 we did so because we wanted to impart and share our love of the game of baseball onto young ballplayers. The rest is history, so to speak. Since those early days, NorCal Baseball has built a reputation as one of the most successful youth baseball programs in the United States. Success however, can be measured in many ways. Yes, there are the number of players we have trained and prepared to play at the next level: 

10 MLB All-Stars
20 1st Round MLB picks
45 MLB Players
250 Players drafted by the MLB
480 Players playing D1 College Baseball
10+ Former players Coaching D1 College Baseball 

These numbers increase each year and validate our existence. They also allow us to know that our hard work and devotion has allowed our program to accomplish what few programs can. Our goal is to reach a combined total of 1,000 players, whom we have helped achieve their dreams of playing professional baseball and/or getting an education while playing our national pastime.  

What isn’t known by many, is that like any gifted student who is encouraged and challenged to continue to develop in the classroom we, along the same lines attempt to mentor our ballplayers and motivate them to become better human beings, while playing what many believe is a kid’s game. Towards this end, we sponsor lectures helping our student athletes understand what college coaches are looking for when it comes to their makeup. We provide access to mental coaches to keep our athletes focused. We also hire the country’s best pitching and hitting instructors so our athletes excel on the field, ensuring our players are being trained, instructed and inspired by the finest coaches in the country. These mentors help our student athletes understand the importance of getting things done in the classroom and between the ears…as a means of earning the opportunity to getting things done between the lines.   

Yes, we emphasize how critical the classroom is to realizing a dream. We explain how every fraction of a grade point average and point not received on the SAT’s or ACT’s can impact their future academic and athletic choices. We stress the importance of strong character and how the combination of character, academic and athletic ability are the foundation to earning athletic and academic scholarships. We want to equip our players with the best tools possible to become successful in life in whatever endeavor they may choose. We are not just molding baseball players. We are molding young men. While we are extremely proud of the alumni who have found incredible success playing baseball, we are every bit as proud of the alumni who have found success in business or other aspects of their lives that have nothing to do with throwing or hitting a baseball.

Getting better at what we do…
That said, the standards we attempt to put forth for our program are not always easy to achieve and the road traveled is filled with bumps. Since those early days we have always tried hard, but we have had some missed steps. Sometimes communications were not as clear as desired. Sometimes calls weren’t returned as quickly as wanted. Occasionally events and accommodations turned out to be less than what was expected. It is humbling yet empowering to look inward and ask yourself, "am I doing the right thing and am I doing it right?" Some of these missed steps can be avoided and we are making every effort to make the baseball experience better for our players and families.
For NorCal Baseball to get to the next level, to be able to attract new players to make the baseball experience one that does not break the bank for families, we need your help. We work diligently to keep our costs down and in comparison to comparable programs, we are much more affordable, yet we need to find even more ways to defray costs. 
Proud to announce…   
Alumni and NorCal Baseball supporters…I am proud and excited to announce that NorCal Baseball has established a relationship with the Shasta Regional Community Foundation (SRCF) and is establishing the NorCal Baseball Legacy Fund. The SRCF is a charitable foundation, focused on helping organizations like NorCal Baseball leverage their 501(c)(3) non-profit status for greater benefit. SRCF helps set up, manage and provide the vehicle to help donors reach their personal, financial and charitable goals in a tax-free manner, allowing donations (e.g. cash, cars, real estate, etc.) to be converted into funds that NorCal can then use to assist its student athletes through grants, scholarships, etc.  
The real impetus behind the Legacy Fund was based upon comments we have heard over the years from parents. Over the past 25 years we have seen economic upturns and downturns. During this time, we have also seen increases in travel costs, tournament fees, coaching expense, insurance, etc. The Legacy Fund gives NorCal Baseball and their newly founded Board of Directors the ability to review, approve and earmark charitable donations in a way to help offset expenses and bring the NorCal experience to an even broader base of players and families.   
NorCal’s Board of Directors will be comprised of Alumni, Business Leaders and Parents of current and past players, along with Tony and myself. The goal of the Board of Directors will be to help provide a combination of checks and balances, business direction and help in establishing attainable goals for the organization that help communities, families, players and the NorCal brand.
Additionally, with the anticipated generosity of our NorCal supporters, we will begin looking for a facility that will house the NorCal Baseball Academy. Our hopes are to find a property that has enough room to further both the academic and athletic capabilities of our student athletes. Beyond typical training facilities, we are looking for a location that can have classrooms where our student athletes can do their homework before or after practice, along with a location where we can have lectures from professionals and view videos taken for training and development purposes. 
As many of you know, Tony and I pour our heart and soul into NorCal Baseball and we want to thank you all in advance for taking the time to learn about who we are and the impact we want to make. For those of you that know Tony and I personally, we don’t do what we do because of perceived financial benefit. Truth be told, we run lean and have funded many things personally, because the NorCal experience and our love and passion for baseball runs deep.    
For years, rumors and misperceptions, have made it around the baseball community regarding NorCal. Many of the stories are actually humorous while others outlandish. For those who are wondering, no NorCal does not have a corporate jet and we also don’t charge $5,000 for tryouts. To further dispel these myths, I encourage anyone who is not 100% clear on our goals and objectives to simply reach out to us and/or our Board of Directors. We want to set the record straight and it is with those sincere intentions we hope that the past, present and future players and families, along with our very generous donors, realize how serious we are about making a difference in the lives of our players.  Without your generosity, the plans we have to make our family and program better, wouldn’t be possible.
Tony Crivello and Rob Bruno



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