Shasta County Board of Education Student Benefit Fund


Camp Latieze in Manton was bequeathed to the Shasta County Office of Education in the late 1970s.  The 163-acre woodsy retreat with cabins and a swimming pool was the setting for science, art and music camps, as well as teacher training and other programs.  Declining use resulted in the camp being closed in the April of 2012.  The SCOE attempted to sell the property and was pursuing leasing options when the Ponderosa Fire hit in August, destroying the camp. The board sold the scorched property for $200,000 after receiving $1.3 million in an insurance settlement.

 The SCOE Board of Directors, decided to permanently endow the bulk of the insurance funds to ensure that the original intent of Camp Latieze would be permanently secured for the future of Shasta County schools' students. The fund will be used to provide for science and other programs that are often compromised due to budget restraints.



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