Shasta Regional Community Real Estate Foundation

The greatest wealth in our region is in our land.

Real Estate

Gifts of Real Estate

Donations that may qualify:
House/Condominium Apartment building Vacation home Commercial building Farmland Undeveloped land

Three ways to donate:

  1. Give Property Outright
  2. Establish a Life Estate
  3. Create a Charitable Remainder or Lead Trust

We can help you turn a low-yield asset into a high-yield legacy.

How it works:

  • We assess the real property you would like to donate for compliance with our acceptance policies.
  • We facilitate administrative details including appraisals, inspections and title work.
  • The net proceeds of your donated real property can be invested in an endowed fund at Shasta Regional Community Foundation or with a non-profit of your choice.

Shasta Regional Community Real Estate Foundation Board of Directors

  • Ryan Haedrich, Haedrich & Co., Inc - Chair
  • Brian Meek, Retired City Manager, Yreka - Vice-Chair
  • Jeff Finck, Cornerstone Bank - Treasurer
  • Bill Wright, Shasta Land Services
  • Bill Haedrich, Haedrich & Co., Inc.
  • John Dues, CPA
  • Andy Duff, Certified Financial Planner™



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