Community Disaster Relief Fund Grant Award Aids in Erosion Control

Western Shasta Resource Conservation District (WSRCD) has received $80,000 to initiate erosion control and replanting of burned land utilizing straw wattles, water bars, reseeding, and replanting of drought tolerant plants of low flammability. The Community Foundation recently announced the award intended for property owners impacted the Carr Fire. The purpose will be to regenerate the property owners’ land and prevent erosion of material into streams and rivers and onto neighboring property. 

Chester Anderson of WSRCD explained, “Our priority is to serve the people in our District with their conservation needs and second to preserve and protect natural resources. Priority will be given based on need, location, threat to other properties, and threat to natural resources. We will start with those parcels closest to public waterways which means we’d likely initially be in the County limits for the most part.” 

The Community Disaster Relief Fund has received over $4 million in donations designated for short and longer-term recovery efforts from the Carr Fire. “We are working with City and County officials and know that erosion control measures are of utmost importance as we enter the rainy season,” said Kerry Caranci, Chief Executive Officer of Shasta Regional Community Foundation. “We continue to appreciate the public trust to manage these funds for the greatest good in the Carr Fire recovery.”

All funds raised in the Community Disaster Relief Fund for the Carr Fire will be used to support nonprofit organizations and public entities that have a defined role in the short-term and long-term recovery from the fire. Applications are available online to submit grant requests from this fund.

Contact Western Shasta Resource Conservation District at 6270 Parallel Road in Anderson at 530.365.7332, or visit their website for more information.
For more information about the Community Disaster Relief Fund, contact Shasta Regional Community Foundation at 530-244-1219.



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