Community Disaster Relief Fund Grant to Kick Start Home Construction Program

A collaboration of local organizations will soon make possible the reconstruction of underinsured homes lost in the Carr Fire, initial funding in part from a $200,000 grant from the Community Disaster Relief Fund of Shasta Regional Community Foundation. Shasta Builders’ Exchange Community Fund will be the fiscal agent for the program that will be implemented as adopted by the Construction Sub-Committee of the NorCal Community Recovery Team (NorCal CRT). The program plans for the construction of homes for up to four families with completion by Fall of 2019. The Construction Committee of the CRT, under the leadership of Don Ajamian from Don Ajamian Construction, has inspected the property and has found it ready for construction. Ajamian has reported that there are no significant grading issues. Thanks to the work of the Salvation Army through a separate grant from the Shasta Regional Community Foundation power has already been brought to the property and a septic system was put in place. 

The mission of the NorCal CRT is to assist with the full recovery of all survivors of the Carr and Delta Fires who suffered losses, with specific focus on those individuals and families with needs that remain unmet after receiving assistance from other sources such as FEMA, homeowners or renter’s insurance, and governmental and non-profit organizations. 
As the official FEMA-sanctioned long-term recovery group for the Carr Fire, the NorCal CRT includes case management staff supported and supervised by Northern Valley Catholic Social Services. As such, they have access to confidential FEMA data, housed by the American Red Cross’s Coordinated Assistance Network (C.A.N.) system solely for the purpose of identifying specific fire recovery needs. After determining what unmet needs might remain for each registered client, case managers send their list of needs to the Unmet Needs Committee for referral to agencies and other NorCal CRT committees. 

The grant leverages resources that will ensure up to four homes are built. “Shasta Regional Community Foundation has partnered with the local long-term recovery group, NorCal CRT, to respond to the suffering and loss experienced by the entire Shasta County community,” said Kerry Caranci, CEO of Shasta Regional Community Foundation. “As stewards of donations intended for long-term community recovery, we are encouraged by the opportunity to help kick-start home construction with this grant to Shasta Builders’ Exchange. Normally, a single home rebuild would cost as much as $200,000 but with donated materials, volunteer labor, etc. we are stretching dollars further to allow for multiple homes to be completed.”

Construction of the homes will involve paid skilled workers as well as volunteers coordinated by Shasta Builders Exchange. For individual survivors seeking assistance, please contact Case Management at or 530-247-3371.

To review disbursements from the Community Disaster Relief Fund to date click HERE.



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