Audra Beylik, Development & Communications Officer


Development & Communications Officer Audra Beylik works with both current and potential donors and professional advisors to facilitate a broad array of gifts to the Foundation. As our Siskiyou County representative, she also implements the Community Foundation's Strategic Plan for marketing and donor relations.

Audra joined Shasta Regional Community Foundation's team in August 2015. She is a former mayor, council member and planning commissioner in Mt. Shasta, worked as the Marketing and Communications Manager for Great Northern Services and served as the Public Information Officer for Weed’s Boles Fire Long Term Recovery Group.

“For many years, I have seen what a difference the Community Foundation makes in our rural northern California region,” she says. “They put so much heart into their philanthropy and I am excited to be a part of that meaningful work.”

Audra holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Drew University, NJ, is a professional photographer, public access television producer and editor. She is the proud mother of her daughter, Shasta and always enjoys a round of golf with her husband, Marc and friends.



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