Start a Fund

A personalized fund at the Shasta Regional Community Foundation gives you flexibility with your philanthropy. You can be as active as you wish and support the issues and organizations that matter most to you - locally, nationally, or internationally.

  • Gifts from your fund will then be made in your name or the name you choose for your fund.
  • You receive immediate tax benefits, but can give over time.
  • Your assets grow through investment, allowing you to give more.
  • You can endow your fund as a legacy in perpetuity.

A fund at the Shasta Regional Community Foundation allows you to give to specific organizations, make gifts over time, recognize you and your family, and grow your charitable dollars through investment—without the administrative burden and expense of a private foundation.

Fund Options

Outright Gifts

With an outright gift, you transfer cash or other assets to the Shasta Regional Community Foundation and receive an immediate tax benefit. Outright gifts are often used to create a Donor Advised Fund.

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Planned Gifts

With planned gifts, you can give through your estate plan or establish a charitable vehicle that can provide fixed income for you or beneficiaries.

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