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Giving thanks... by giving back


There was a decision to be made…Washington, or Northern California. In 1979, Dreyer’s Ice Cream had distributor territories available. Bill and Daphne Kohn decided to make Northern California their new home. Arriving with an infant in tow and ready to start their new business, Bill and Daphne were happy that Redding embraced them as both a family and small business owners. The territory and business has grown over the years.

In appreciation of the community’s support of their business, Frozen Gourmet, Inc., Bill and Daphne have given back to local non-profit groups and organizations. They know from experience how children can benefit from the structure and team work that athletics provide. Three years ago, the Kohn’s decided to establish a scholarship at the Community Foundation.

Their children’s educational and extra-curricular activities at Shasta High School provided the inspiration for an annual scholarship. All athletes graduating from Shasta High School and planning to attend a 4-year college or university are encouraged to apply. Upon being awarded a scholarship, the Kohn’s single request is for the recipient to send an annual letter about their life. This scholarship is renewable for up to 4 years.

Bill and Daphne, together with their children and a few community members enjoy reading the applications each year and encourage Shasta High athletes to continue to apply.

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