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Learning and Growing with the Fall River Valley Library


In 1988 when Shasta County faced major budget cuts, Fall River Valley was left without a library. A group of committed citizens took it upon themselves to call every name in the phone book to ask for donations of books, time and money. This effort worked and the Fall River Library emerged again. Over the years the library was housed in various locations that were both small and remote. Yet that changed in 2005 when a generous citizen donated a large building situated ideally on Highway 299. This building was a blessing but it was also in desperate need of repair. People from age 4 to 94 volunteered labor and businesses donated building supplies. The Community Foundation was proud to partner with the remodel of the new library through a $30,000 grant from the Community Foundation’s McConnell Fund.

Today the library is busier than ever with patronage jumping from around eight people a day to over thirty! A recent addition of an outdoor reading garden and a beautiful mural painted by Patricia Carlson and provided through grants from the Community Foundation enhance the library even more. The mural weaves its way arounding the outside of the library with the words "Libraries are for reading, gardens are for growing, grow and learn with us!"

The Community Foundation has awarded over $46,000 in grants to the library find it a privilege to join with the library to bring the joy of reading and art to East Shasta County.

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