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Restoring and Preserving History


Tehama County Museum "cements" a $40,000 grant from The McConnell Fund of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation.  With the grant the Tehama County Museum is re-pointing the exterior bricks of the third oldest building in continuous use in Tehama County.

"We are excited to see the progress being made through this project," Hutchings said. "The Tehama County Museum put together a well thought out, integrated three part project with a multi-sourced funding plan to bring new life to an important piece of Tehama County history, and we are pleased to be able to support this effort through The McConnell Fund of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation."

"The board room of the museum was electrically charged as board President Chris Bauer announced that the museum's project to re-point the bricks was funded,"said Vice President Darrell Mullins. "That building was built in 1859-60 as a school house and Masonic Lodge, and is very important to the education component of our mission in the community. One might say that this is a very concrete expression of support for the museum, and we are very grateful to the Shasta Regional Community Foundation and The McConnell Fund."

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