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The Women's Fund, Seeking Change


The Women's Fund of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation started in 2008 as a group of 10 women concerned with the persistent challenges facing women and families in the Redding area. Brought together by Anne Peterson and Susan Seamans, under the umbrella and leadership of Community Foundation CEO, Kathy Anderson, the women brought their unique histories and community interests together to find ways to strengthen the lives of local women.

The Women’s Fund is part of a movement that includes funds, giving circles and foundations dedicated to improving conditions for women and girls worldwide. They are united by the belief that by supporting programs that address the needs of women, they also benefit families and communities.

Dedicated to the concept of collective philanthropy, the Women’s Fund of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation pools annual contributions for grant-making and endowment building.

The first grant cycle of the Women’s Fund of the SRCF began in June 2010, benefiting a local agency whose expertise and mission fit a priority area that members will choose. The broad focus areas considered for this year’s cycle include: gaining skills for economic self-sufficiency; developing healthy lifestyles; and breaking cycles of poverty.

The fund is sparking interest among many in the community intrigued by a focus on solutions for women. Alarmed by the poverty endemic to many women and families in our region, members of the Women’s Fund understand the direct consequences to our community. Within two months of beginning its first membership drive in December 2009, the fund had already met half its membership goal for the year, raising over $50,000.

In October 2009, the Women’s Fund initiated a series of community forums on local issues, which is part of the Fund’s commitment to community education. The popular brown bag forums, held at the Redding Library, feature local and state experts addressing issues effecting women and families, including poverty, employment, and raising girls’ aspirations. The forums are rebroadcast on Channel 11, and the presentations can be found on the Fund’s web page.

The Women’s Fund’s slogan is, “connecting women who give to needs that matter.” Join the Women’s Fund in improving the lives of women and families in the greater Redding area. Donations of all amounts are accepted, but donors of $200 or more receive membership status for the year. Through December 2010, donors of $1,000 or more receive Founder status for a lifetime. For more information read about The Women’s Fund at or contact us at (530)244-1219.

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